About Us

Located in the heart of Central Florida on the gulf coast, the Crystal River Church of God is a spirit-filled worship center on the west side of Citrus County.  The Crystal River campus is easily accessible as it is resides just one block off of one of the nations historic highways (US 19).   
Although the church as been in existence for many years, and has increased over time, it has experienced a phenomenal growth in the last two years as new individuals and families have made it their church home.  Under the current leadership of Pastor Ronnie & Sherry Reid, who have been the pastors for 20 years, the Crystal River Church of God completed a building program recently.  In June of 2008, the Crystal River congregation celebrated the fruition of this long-awaited vision by moving into the new main facility which included a brand new sanctuary, offices, and gymnasium.  With the new expansion, the church has begun to flourish in membership, programs, and also in new ministries being developed.  In November of 2010, the new Children's Building was completed, now affectionately known as "Kings' Bay Kids."The additional space in the new sanctuary has opened the doors of ministry around the altar as new people hungry for a move of God's spirit continue to pour in for prayer services, revivals, and other events. In the words of our First Lady Sherry Reid, "There is a mighty move of God going on at the Crystal River Church of God!'        
To learn more about the legacy of this dynamic worship center and its historical roots of the community and the efforts of the individuals involved in birthing it, please read the story of one of its founders, Sallie Turner.    Click here now to read Sallie's story!